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If you have suffered an accident,
we can help with your medical bills, repairs
for your vehicle and other third party expenses.

We speak English and Spanish and have been helping the Latino community for many years.
We put our values ahead of interest and will fight for your rights!

If we do not win, you do not pay!*

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*Applies only to personal injury cases

Who are we?

Mario Acosta

Born in Cuba, Mario traveled alone to the U.S. at the age of 14.  Leaving behind his loved ones in his native country, Mario started his new life with perseverance at an early age. He had many jobs, joined the Marines and then decided to join the Montebello Police Department. After 7 years of service he suffered an injury that forced him to leave the service. He returned to college and graduated with a BA. Already married with two children, he worked for AllState Insurance Company. He then decided to go to law school and became a licensed attorney. Since then, Mario L. Acosta has been fighting for and defending the rights of everyday people, making his career not only a way of life, but a passion to serve and help others.

Marielys Acosta

Marielys graduated high school at age 16. She passed the California Proficiency Exam and was admitted directly into College. Following her dad’s footsteps, she studied law at Western State College of Law, graduating at age 25. From then on, she has worked with her father as an attorney, gaining all the knowledge that only experience can provide. Today, a mother of two, Marielys is a well-recognized and respected attorney, who is ready to fight for your rights and those of others in need of legal guidance and assistance.


1. Is the consultation with Acosta & Acosta truly free?

Yes, your first consultation is always free.

2. What does “without spending a dime of your money” mean?

For personal injury cases, we only charge a percentage of the money that we are able to recover for you. You will never have to use money out of pocket.

3. How can I know if I have a case?

Only an attorney can determine this based on the laws and circumstances. At Acosta & Acosta we are ready to help you determine your chances and defend your rights and those of your family.

4. Is my information confidential?

Yes, completely confidential. Your legal status is not an impediment and everything is between you and us.

5. Does my legal status matter?

Do not worry, you have rights and we will defend them.


“Excellent professionals, very attentive, intelligent and now my good friends. Don’t doubt in hiring them for any legal service that you may need, you’ll never regret it.”

Dra. Perez, Los Angeles, CA