If you are going through a divorce, it’s better to check with a divorce lawyer to know what are the best steps you should take. Many people going through something as traumatic as a divorce can’t control their emotions and make many mistakes that can cost them time and money.

At Acosta & Acosta we have years of experience defending the rights of our clients, obtaining fair and favorable results and helping them to continue with peace of mind and security in this new stage in life. You will have our personalized attention, understanding and compassion. We will be your best ally during this difficult time.


When you’re dealing with custody cases regarding your kids, it’s fundamental to hire a lawyer than can help you deal with the situation ahead of you. At Acosta & Acosta we can help you navigate this complicated situation and work through your different options if there is not a mutual agreement between the parties.

We have years of experience working with families and we have helped many of them with what is best for them and their kids.

Our experience in custody cases will help achieve a successful case. Family is important to us and we will fight for yours!

“Acosta & Acosta was the best decision I ever made. They helped resolve all my divorce issues and I can now start to live my life peacefully.”

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